Right Time to Upsize to a New Home In Australia 2022

How Do I Know if It’s the Right Time to Upsize to a New Home?

A growing family is the reason most people decide to upsize. Whether it’s because small children aren’t so small anymore and need more room to grow, or if elderly family members are moving in, you’ll likely need a bigger home to accommodate everyone.

If you’re starting to think that your home doesn’t fit your family and lifestyle anymore, it’s probably time to consider upsizing. Most people don’t live in one home forever – at some point, you’ll need to upsize to accommodate a growing family. Let’s take a look at the signs that might tell you it’s time to upsize to a new home.

You’re feeling cramped 

If you have to mediate arguments about whose turn it is in the bathroom or can’t find a quiet space when the kids have friends over to play, the feeling of being cramped might be causing you some anxiety. It’s easy to feel cramped if your home is too small for your family, meaning it’s probably time to start hunting for a new house.

You want more room for pets

Smaller homes might not accommodate your furry family members, particularly dogs and rabbits who need space to run. If you don’t have the room to keep pets, you might feel it’s time to upsize to enable you to have a bigger yard. A bigger home will mean you can have all the furry friends you want by your side, and they’ll have space to roam and play.

Your home feels cluttered

It’s not just the people and animals who can make a home feel small; it’s your possessions as well. While decluttering might solve your problem, it’s just as likely that you actually need everything you have. When your possessions have outgrown your home, you may need to look for something with more storage space and room to spread out.

You can afford to upsize 

Whether you need to upsize or not, it might be the case that you can afford to do so. First home buyers have a lot of financial strain in the beginning, and if you’ve been in your home for a long time, you may find that your current financial situation is healthier than when you were last in the property market. You might not have bought your dream home the first time around – why not start looking now?  

You need entertaining space

Whether you’re hosting office cocktail parties, children’s birthday parties or holiday festivities, you may find you need more room to entertain. If you’ve started to crave a home that you feel happy bringing guests into, it might be time for an upgrade. A bigger home means you can unleash your social side.

You want private space 

A cluttered home full of people means nobody gets the quality ‘me time’ they need. It’s not a selfish request – time alone to recharge and reflect is vital to good mental health. Everybody needs a private space. Not having the freedom to relax can drive you mad, and a bigger home can be the perfect solution.  

Are you nodding along? If you find you can relate to any of the signs, it’s likely time to consider an upgrade. Whether that means moving to an entirely different location or prioritising what you need in a house, a larger home brings new opportunities. You’ll have the opportunity to further grow your family and use your home as a space to entertain. If the signs are there, it’s time to do some thinking.

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