My Cat is Destroying My Screen Door – What Should I Do

My Cat is Destroying My Screen Door – What Should I Do?

Help! Is your beloved cat destroying your screen door? If your cat has been attacking the fly screen, here are some things you can do to keep the kitty from sharpening her claws in the wrong places.

A screen door is an absolute necessity in the warmer months to let the cool breeze in and keep out those tiny flying creatures who might be lured in by the scent of dinner or the lamplight. But if you are a cat owner, you will know that nothing is more entertaining for a cat than trying to catch those flies and moths taking a rest on your flyscreen. The temptation of that elusive buzzing creature…and if your flyscreen has holes in it (I wonder whose claws could have done that!), catching the intruders just adds more fun to the game. Here are some measures to stop those persistent paws and claws from destroying your screens!

Choose the right security screen door to withstand your cat

Your ordinary flyscreen just isn’t designed to withstand the attention of your cat, whether they claw at it or climb it. If your cat is constantly scratching at the door, choosing an appropriately strong mesh option will help the door withstand any cat damage.

Security Door Melbourne has a range of mesh screens that are pet resistant and offer additional security for your home. Choose from:

  • Pet mesh. Jim’s specially designed Pet Mesh is a strong fiberglass mesh with a PVC coating that is resistant to pet damage; or
  • One-Way Security Mesh. Privacy mesh or one-way mesh has been designed to be pet-resistant and allows you to see out from inside but not in from outside. With this extra privacy, it’s perfect for humans and cats alike.

Install a pet door in your security screen door

If your cat is clawing at the door because they want to be let out, installing a pet door in your security screen door is the best way to combat this behavior. The pet door will allow your pet to enjoy the freedom of going in and out of the screen door without having to scratch to get your attention. Jim’s Security Doors can all be customized with a pet door.

Get some scratch deterrent spray

Another solution to keep cats from scratching the flyscreen is to spray them (the door, not the cat!) with a scratch deterrent. A scratch deterrent helps keep pets away from treated areas, both indoors and outdoors. Depending on which you choose, they contain natural ingredients that are unappealing to cats to help them fight the urge to go near.

But be careful when choosing a spray – some have been known to damage mesh screen security doors. Please read the label carefully before you commit to buying it. A deterrent spray is only good as long as it lingers, making it an excellent short-term solution. For a long-term solution, you will need to begin some behavioral training.

Behavior training

It begins with you. You might not realize that responding to your cat’s bad behavior is actually encouraging them: if you let them out every time they scratch at the door, they learn that this is how to get your attention. First, train yourself not to reward a kitty’s bad behavior. If you never open the door for your cat when they are scratching, they will learn that the behavior doesn’t work. And while you are in the midst of behavioral training… Clip your pet’s nails! Although it’s never a fun task, safely trimming your cat’s claws while they are relearning some good behavior will save your screens in the meantime. Just make sure you do proper research to avoid injuring your cat. Otherwise, you might be better off getting a professional pet groomer or vet to do it for you.

If you would like a quote for any of the pet-friendly door screen options listed above, please call Jim’s Security Doors on 13 15 46. If you are also looking for Conveyancing Brisbane contact our friendly and professional sales team.


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