Upgrade My Security Door with A Three-Point Locking System?

Should I Upgrade My Security Door with A Three-Point Locking System?

How secure is your door? Most doors simply have a single locking system that anchors the door closed in the middle of one side of the door. This means that, in the unfortunate event that someone tries to break-in, the door depends on one small section to remain firmly locked. For a more secure and sophisticated locking system consider installing a three-point locking system.

If you’re considering upgrading your home security, checking whether your doors and windows are adequately secure is the best point to start. A simple way to improve the security of your door is to upgrade your hardware with a sophisticated three-point locking system. When it comes to choosing hardware for your security door, a three-point locking system is the best choice for enhanced protection. But what exactly is a three-point lock, and why should you upgrade your security door by installing one?

How is a three-point locking system different from a regular door lock?

Most door locks operate on a single locking system. This means that they have just one central locking point, typically located in the middle of the door on the opposite side to the hinge. The locking mechanism is designed to allow the door to open or closed from inside the property without a key, but a key is required to gain access from the outside. By contrast, a triple locking system is much more secure because it has three locking points rather than one which makes it far more challenging to break into.

How does a three-point locking system work?

A three-point locking system is a more sophisticated and secure version of a single lock that comprises three locking points instead of just a single one. The three locking points are usually located at the top, bottom, and middle of the side of the door and are connected by an internal rod inside the door frame. By turning a key all three locking points will be engaged simultaneously, which immobilizes the door by anchoring it firmly at all three points. The extra locking points enable the door to seal more securely along the full length of the door and this means that it will be far less vulnerable to a break-in attempt.

Can you install a three-point locking system on any security door? 

Yes, it is possible to customize your security door by adding a three-point locking system. Jim’s Security Doors Melbourne has a huge range of security doors to suit every home and budget. Each security door is custom made to perfectly fit a customer’s home, this means that customizations are possible, such as adding a three-point lock, or privacy mesh, or having the door powder-coated in a certain color.

If you have an existing security door, it may be possible for you to get a three-point locking system added to it, but you will need to check with a security door expert such as Jim’s Security Doors to see if it is possible.

It’s important to note that installing a three-point locking system is not a DIY opportunity. An incorrectly installed locking system may not function properly and could weaken the overall security of your home and potentially even render the security door ineffective. For a free quotation, or to book a professional installation service, phone Jim’s Security Doors on 13 15 46.

What are the benefits of installing a three-point locking system?

Three-point locking systems are significantly more effective than a single lock. Three-point locks tend to be more labor-intensive to install, but they also provide far greater protection to your property and household Conveyancing Brisbane can advise you best. Most burglaries necessitate considerable force, so a superior security door and locking system is an extremely effective feature.


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