Going on Holiday, Don’t Make These Mistakes

Going on Holiday? Don’t Make These Mistakes!

So, you’ve packed your bags and, after months of planning, you’re finally heading away on a holiday! Make sure that your home security is up to date so that you don’t end up returning home to discover that you’ve been the victim of a break-in. There are many easy mistakes that people unintentionally make that can, unfortunately, lead thieves right to their vacant homes. Don’t make it obvious to thieves that you’re not home or make it easy for them to break in! A quality security door can significantly improve your level of home protection in addition to providing you with peace of mind while you’re enjoying your holiday.

Don’t let a home burglary ruin your next holiday homecoming. Being the victim of a burglary can be a costly and heart-breaking ordeal that can leave you feeling unsafe in your own home. Luckily, with a little preparation, there are simple changes that you can make to ensure that your home isn’t targeted by a burglar the next time you go away on a holiday. Here are the biggest mistakes to avoid making next time you embark on a holiday:

Mistake #1: Sharing holiday plans with burglars

It’s exciting going on holiday, so it’s understandable that you might want to share your travel plans on social media. But, unfortunately sharing information about your holiday plans can tip off thieves that your home will be uninhabited. Try to delay posting your holiday photos on social media until you return home and make sure your security settings are high. It’s also worth making your work email auto-response as vague as possible so that you don’t share your holiday plans with the wrong people.

Mistake #2: Not telling your neighbours that you’re leaving on holiday

Neighbours can be a great home security resource to have so it’s important to try and create a good relationship with neighbours. Always tell a trusted neighbour when you’ll be away on holiday so that they can keep an eye on your home while you’re away. If you’re away for an extended period, it’s also worth enlisting the help of neighbours or friends that live nearby to help to ensure that your home looks inhabited. For the best security doors Melbourne contacts our team for qoutes.

Here are some ways that neighbours can assist to protect your home while you’re on holiday:

  • Collecting mail, including any packages that might be left on your doorstep, indicating to thieves that you’re not at home.
  • Parking their car in your driveway.
  • Mowing your lawn if you’re away for a considerable time.
  • Putting your bins out on your designated rubbish collection day.

Mistake #3: A lack of home security features

It’s important to regularly take stock of your home security and to check whether there are any simple improvements you can make to enhance your level of protection. Home security features don’t have to be complicated or expensive. It can be as easy as ensuring that you have proper lighting in your entranceway.

The best way to protect your property against thieves and intruders is to make your home more difficult for a robber to break into. Studies have shown that in around 30% of cases, the intruder enters through the front door, so a security door is a great way to deter thieves as well as physically preventing them from being able to break in. When purchasing a security door always choose one that has been made in compliance with Australian Standards guidelines to ensure it has been rigorously tested to assess its structural integrity, durability and strength. Visit a reliable provider such as Jim’s Security Doors to get expert advice.

Mistake #4: Forgetting to lock up properly

Unfortunately, it’s really easy to forget to lock up properly, but if you’re going on holiday try to do a thorough check. Don’t forget to ensure windows are locked as well as side or rear access doors and upstairs windows and the garage door. Some conveyancers in Brisbane also can advise you in a better way how to secure your home and which doors you need to use. Must contact Conveyancing Brisbane team Even the most advanced security system in the world can’t stop a burglar from targeting your home if you leave a door or window unlocked.

On this subject, it’s important to ensure your windows are properly secured, so if you don’t have proper locks or security screens, consider installing them. It’s also important not to hide spare keys in obvious places, so if you have got into a lazy habit of leaving a key under your front doormat or under a flowerpot, move it into a more secure location.

Mistake #5: Not having a holiday checklist for better home security

It can be a rush packing and getting ready to leave on a holiday, so it’s important to have a holiday home security checklist and to check your whole household knows what needs to be done to ensure your home and possessions are safe while you’re away. Having a checklist will allow you to put your mind at ease and really relax on your holiday!

  • Check all doors and windows are locked;
  • Check front yard is pruned and that, if possible, the front entranceway is visible from the street;
  • Close blinds and curtains so that someone isn’t able to look into to see valuables or to see that no one is home;
  • Unplug or switch off at the PowerPoint any nonessential electronic devices to reduce your risk of fire as well as saving electrical costs;
  • Check that any security devices are charged and functioning;
  • Check that you have notified your neighbours;
  • Hide valuables.

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